I typically avoid listening to this man speak on principle but you’ve got to dig in and play these three minutes, you really do. Go on, I’ll wait.

Okay, ready? It took me a minute to process this train wreck. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m still trying to make sense of it but we don’t have all day so let’s go.

  • You gotta love a commander in chief who shows up to an interview toting his own charts.
  • Jonathan Swan’s enthusiastic “I’d love to!” is every parent’s response to their kid’s 50th “come see my Lego project!” plea.
  • Trump shuffling through those papers was me stalling for time during a class presentation because the teacher asked follow-up questions.
  • “Oh, you’re doing death as a proportion of cases, I’m talking about death as a proportion of population.” “You can’t do that.” Umm…yeah. Yeah, he can. It’s called reporting.
  • Watching Swan try to explain the relevancy of percentage of population data is like…wow. Just wow.
  • “We’re last. Meaning we’re first!” – Swan taking that second chart with a weary “okay” is all of us.
  • “And because we do more tests we have more cases.” OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.