1.  So we’ve got another five weeks in phase two. You knew it was coming.

2.  Okay, maybe you didn’t, but it’s hard to miss if you’re on the ground here.

3.  They say they need this extra time to look at trends as schools reopen.

4.  AKA – Let’s see if the shit hits the fan.

5.  As predicted our kiddos are less than thrilled with the school situation.

6.  Up ’til now they were resigned. What’s changed, you ask?

7.  Their friends saying they’re going back for in-person learning.

8.  Jesus, take the wheel.

9.  I’d wish they could, I really do, but we can’t just yet.

10.  So it is what it is.

11.  And now I hate that sounds like I’m quoting 45.

12.  I also hate the fact that 45 blew off 157,000 dead Americans with “it is what it is.”

13.  November 3rd, man, it can’t come soon enough.

14.  Two cars were due for their inspections this week.

15.  There’s nothing I like more than jumping through hoops for the state. Good times.

16.  Both dealerships are willing to pick up the car from our house, though, so I didn’t have to sit in their waiting area while they work.

17.  I really appreciate them for going the extra mile like that.

18.  Just one more reason I swear by Honda and Volvo.

19.  The fur babies have been active this week.

20.  I’m not sure what’s happening in the middle of the night but Phoebe has seriously freaked out.

21.  Nothing says WAKE UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT like a pup insistently shoving her head under your arm.

22.  Gracie’s been her usual golden self – a little extra snoozy with plenty of counter surfing in between.

23.  But watching Mia play with her ball? Priceless.

24.  She’ll chase it, snatch it, toss it in the air then do a barrel roll as she hunts.

25.  I swear, cats are the coolest things.

26.  Can we just go ahead and call 2020?

27.  Like birthdays. 2020 birthdays should be null and void. And nobody’s allowed to be offended when you can’t throw your arms around them for birthday hugs.

28.  We’ll double up next year.

29.  That’s assuming 2021 manages to rally.

30.  We might have a household revolt if summer 2021 gets cancelled, too.

31.  Seriously, I can’t even.

32.  We’re in the final countdown to DMV appointment time and there’s no other way to put it. I am having a freaking heart attack.

33.  What am I supposed to say when this kid wants to just take off for a drive?

34.  Somehow I don’t think “it’s corona times” is gonna fly.

35.  We’re on the six day countdown to school supplies drop-off time and I’m a little behind the curve.

36.  Guess I’d better buckle down on finding those last few items.

37.  What I remember clearly from last year was the round two supply list.

38.  Nobody warns you that your kid comes home from the first day in high school with supply lists from each teacher because the supply list that you thought was the supply list was actually just the “here’s some things your kid needs in general” list.

39.  Last year I was shocked into silence followed quickly by what do you mean you need this stuff tomorrow??

40.  High school. Good parenting times, man.