My last hair appointment (AKA for the love of all that’s holy please make this gray hair go away appointment) was March 3rd. March third. Which means it’s been five months+ since a professional went anywhere near my head. Now whether that’s a good or bad thing I can’t say, but instead of coloring at home I’ve embraced the #silversisters movement.

That’s right, folks, for better or worse we’re embracing the gray. I’m really enjoying that #silversisters marketing, though, so let’s just say I’m embracing the silver.


  • No standing for hours (okay, maybe it just seems like hours) in a chemical-smelly bathroom trying to ignore my achy arms while I try not to miss any spots.
  • Flip version of that would be gaining that time for doing whatever I’d rather do.
  • No agonizing over box color in corona times trying to figure out what won’t look hideous on my head.
  • No paying for the honor of covering up my natural hair color.
  • Finding peace in accepting myself for who I am.


  • The kids’ friends have always thought I was younger than I am but there’s no more hiding when these silver strands are standing out. Guess I’ll just have to live with reality.
  • No more getting carded at the grocery store. Then again I think I’m okay not having to rifle through my wallet for my license when all I want is some beer and nachos.
  • I’m only five months into this thing so the truth is there are days when I’m not all zen and accepting myself for who I am. Sometimes I just think…eh. But it passes.

The pros are definitely outweighing the cons, at least for now. So #silversisters unite!

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