1.  New year, new school setup. It’s Day One of remote learning and questions abound.

2.  Jeans or leggings. Discuss amongst yourselves.

3.  Does having a smoothie qualify as eating in class?

4.  What exactly is the deal with bathroom breaks during remote learning?

5.  Does it count as a technology issue if the kids can’t hear class over maniacal dog barking?

6.  Cat cameos on camera – yea or nay?

7.  I think we can all agree shoes are optional.

8.  Exactly how distracting will my regular daytime activities be? I don’t plan to do a Zumba class or anything but I can’t sit silently all day either.

9.  Presentable dress from the waist up, right?

10.  And, last but not least, headphones – will these be good enough? They’re the must-have accessory for maintaining parent sanity while two kids participate in different class schedules.