1.  We’ve wrapped up week one of remote classes and I’ve got some thoughts.

2.  I cannot believe I’ve got two kids in high school. What the hell.

3.  For the second year in a row I’ve got one going through ninth grade whiplash. High school workloads are no joke, man.

4.  We’re in a two week dead period before fall sports decisions.

5.  I’m not sure how to feel about tackling volleyball but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

6.  Based on the news out of a couple of local elementary schools the point may be moot.

7.  Our local district has the kids remote learning for the first quarter but required their teachers and staff to report to the buildings.

8.  Don’t even get me started on that.

9.  So anyway it turns out there’s a couple of outbreaks while it’s only adults in the building. Because of course there is.

10.  Can we all just agree this thing is highly transmissible and adjust? Sigh.

11.  Anyhoo, remote learning. It’s a whole thing.

12.  Pros: Class in comfy clothes, fuzz therapy.

13.  Cons: No in person connection, hours of screen time.

14.  More pros: Getting to sleep in a bit later, great lunch options.

15.  More cons: Sore butts from sitting too long, decreased social skills interaction.

16.  Even more pros: Stretch breaks without disrupting class, decreased social distractions.

17.  Even more cons: Limits on sports/clubs, speaking up online can intimidate shy students.

18.  So yeah, it’s a whole thing.

19.  But we’re digging in.

20.  Mia’s enjoyed having the kids home. She especially enjoys napping on our warm router.

21.  Come to think of it, Duke Power’s pretty happy about having the kids home full time, too.

22.  This week I made steel cut oats in my Instant Pot.

23.  That makes me sound like an awesome mom prepping a nutritious breakfast before class. Too bad neither kid will touch the stuff.

24.  But my bowl with Nutella and strawberries was fabulous, thank you very much.

25.  I also made that cinnamon sugar swirl bread the kids love so much because I’m good like that.

26.  Plus they kinda looked like they needed a pick-me-up.

27.  We tried out these air fryer tacos this week, too.

28.  We’re not the only ones who eat Mexican food twice a week, right? If you don’t you should, it’s delicious.

29.  Anyway, they’re not fancy but zapping them in the air fryer warmed everything together and crisped up the taco shells perfectly. So good.

30.  We ended up with three tacos leftover – weird, but it happens sometimes – and I’m here to say you can even reheat these things in the air fryer.

31.  Brutal honesty demands I say they’re maybe 1% less delicious reheated but still make for a great lunch.

32.  The Democratic Convention wrapped up last night and all I can say is Julia Louis-Dreyfus is knocking it out of the park.

33.  We’re talking FIRE 🔥🔥🔥.

34.   “I couldn’t be prouder to be a loyal union member…and a patriotic Democrat, or as Donald Trump will call me in a tweet tomorrow, a washed-up, horse-faced, no-talent, has-been with low ratings. Well, with all due respect sir, it takes one to know one.”

35.  Bwahahahaha!

36.  Then this happened!

37.  Sarah Cooper is a national treasure.

38.  I will not entertain debate on this point.

39.  So as we roll into the weekend I’ll encourage you to pay attention to the upcoming U.S. House Oversight Committee hearing where the Postmaster General will answer questions on his decisions to a) remove high-speed sorting machines and b) cut back on overtime for mail carriers.

40.  That sounds popcorn worthy to me.