1.  Listen to all perspectives, they say. It’s important to hear all sides of the story. And I agree…in theory.

2.  I also think it’s important not to stroke out screaming at the television, so you can see how I’m torn about watching the Republican National Convention this week.

3.  They’re holding some in-person events. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me given the fact a CBS News/YouGov poll showed yesterday that 57% of Republicans said the number of coronavirus deaths – over 176,000 and rising – is “acceptable”. Here’s hoping those event attendees realize their possible death is an acceptable risk for the majority of their party.

4.  Word on the street is Trump will speak on all four nights of the convention. Narcissism is a bitch of a taskmaster.

5.  Some of the other speakers are infamous notable. Like the St. Louis couple who made a name for themselves brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protestors walking by their house.

6.  Another winner: the Covington Catholic High School student whose confrontation with a Native American protestor and Black Hebrew Israelites went viral on social media.

7.  There’s a Parkland shooting victim’s father speaking. I’m trying, y’all, I really am. His daughter died in 2018 and he’s still standing up to say another four years of President Trump’s leadership is the best way to keep students and teachers safe from school shootings. I can’t even.

8.  Kellyanne freaking Conway. Jesus take the wheel.

9.  Then there’s Trump’s acceptance speech on night four, a speech that he plans to give from the White House. But why am I even surprised after all the ways he’s politicized the presidency? At this rate I wouldn’t be shocked to see a giant TRUMP 2020: KEEP AMERICA GREAT! banner hanging from the Truman balcony next month.

10.  So yeah, I was all in with the DNC and I’ll try to stay informed with this week’s convention, too. But I’d say for all our sakes it’d be best if I don’t plug in for two hours each night.