1.  How is it week twenty?

2.  I’m trying to grasp the concept of five freaking months percolating at home.

3.  This week, man…imagine me thinking the GOP convention is what would do me in.

4.  Don’t get me wrong, the convention stirred up plenty of liar liar pants on fire rage.

5.  “Promises made, promises kept.”

6.  Mexico funded border wall? Repealing Obamacare? Annual GDP growth of 4% or higher? Nope.

7.  “They want to abolish suburbs.”

8.  Republicans hung up their dog whistles and hauled out their “HOLY HELL THE BLACKS ARE COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD” bullhorns.

9.  “Lowest unemployment in fifty years!”

10.  Numbers hit a low in September 2019. Then covid decimated our economy and Trump’s all “but 2019!”

11.  “We’re taking good care of our postal workers!” Bull.shit.

12.  “President Trump was a ‘decisive leader’ in handling the coronavirus crisis.”

13.  Lawd, folks. Here’s just one clip reel of all the ways Trump bumbled the covid response.

14.  “Biden has pledged to remove the Second Amendment.”

15.  ‘Certain gun control measures’ does not equal erasing a constitutional amendment.

16.  “Officer Underwood was shot and killed during the Oakland riots.”

17.  Umm…he was killed near a protest…in a drive-by done by a white Boogaloo member. Not the same.

18.  Good grief, I can’t go on, it would take another week to detail all these lies and half truths.

19.  So you’d think the GOP took top billing, but this is America. You should never underestimate its ability to f*ck up.

20.  Let’s talk about Jacob Blake. Twenty-nine years old. Living Black in America.

21.  Jacob helped break up a domestic dispute.

22.  Then was shot seven times in the back by police.

23.  In front of his kids.

24.  You won’t be surprised to hear I’ve got big feelings about this.

25.  Jacob was facing away from the officers. One had his hand on Jacob’s shirt, pulling backward. No imminent threat.

26.  Kenosha Police announced a knife was found in the car. Still, officers’ guns were drawn.

27.  Remember that saying “don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”? Yeah, that’s because the guy with the knife ends up dead. No imminent threat.

28.  Not even one shot should have been fired, but you’re telling me he needed to put seven effing bullets in that man? Seven?

29.  By some miracle Jacob Blake survived. He’s paralyzed. He also found himself handcuffed to his hospital bed yesterday.

30.  Because America is a special sort of hell where the cops who reflexively shoot your baby seven times can shackle him to his hospital bed the same week.

31.  So the people in Kenosha, Wisconsin started protesting.

32.  It wasn’t polite tea party protesting. No, it was the righteous rage of a community seeing that even now, with the eyes of the nation upon them, police still shoot with a sense of impunity.

33.  Police said law enforcement was spread thin so “individuals and groups were exercising a form of vigilantism”. Which is cop speak for yep, we saw the gun toting warriors and said hell yeah, fight with us.

34.  Not surprisingly violence erupted Tuesday night. It’s not exactly shocking it came from one of the gun toting vigilantes.

35.  Cue Kyle Rittenhouse, a white, gun loving, pro-Trump and -BlueLivesMatter guy from Illinois. That’s right, he crossed state lines to play militia man at this protest.

36.  Kyle’s decision that it was “his job” to guard buildings in Kenosha with his AR-15 and militaristic attitude led to the deaths of two people and injury for a third.

37.  The White House and Fox News OUT OF CONTROL RIOTS spin conveniently sidesteps a young white male shooter. Then there’s watching how police react to a shooter who looks like Kyle.

38.  How they just let him pass. How nobody got twitchy trigger fingers even as he lowered his hands while moving toward them.

39.  In case there was any doubt about being Black in America, watch Tucker Carlson justify murder.

40.  If you’d asked me last week if anything would stress me out more than the GOP convention I’d have said no way. Just goes to show you should never underestimate police brutality in America.