We have approximately 2500 animal hairs floating around our house. Maybe more. Probably more. I guess I didn’t really factor in the basement in that so definitely more.

These animals shed literally ALL the time. Sure, it’s worse in the spring and summer. I start telling myself well, this is normal, it’s warm out so they don’t need their undercoat. It’s nature and such.

Except fall rolls around and they keep on shedding. Winter shows up and still they’re shedding. We vacuum at least every other day just to keep from being overrun by dog and cat hair – can’t say we’re winning this battle but we try.

There’ve been times I brushed Gracie in the family room. If I catch her during a snoozy afternoon nap I can get a good twenty minutes in before she even pays attention which is even better. Before I know it I’m surrounded by soft downy undercoat, piles of cloudy pillows that Mia loves to roll in. Sometimes you pile it all up and it looks like you’ve got a toy dog in the room. Don’t get me wrong,ย Mia sheds just as much as the dogs do but is far less likely to cooperate with a brushing. Cats, man. Whatcha gonna do.

I can live with the dog hair on my couch pillows and the fluffs skittering across the floor. I can even live with dog and cat hair on every single piece of clothing I own – not that I love it, but I can live with it. Now what I really need is for someone to invent a pressurized bubble I can put around my kitchen ’cause nobody likes dog hair in their eggs.

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