1.  I will not talk politics, I will not talk politics, I will not talk politics.

2.  Except to say this. It’ll be interesting to see what the America is so awesome why are all these stupid people rioting in the streets this is the land of unlimited promise folks have to say about Labor Day in an economy that’s collapsed under such stupendous mismanagement.

3.  Just kidding. I know they don’t believe it’s been mismanaged. Or that unlimited promise extends to everybody.

4.  Moving on.

5.  Except there’s one more thing. You see, we were at the lake this weekend and the number of boats flying Trump flags was…significant. Significant is a good word for it. Sometimes startling, too.

6.  I spotted this doozy flying with two other Trump flags on a boat we passed in the channel. The channel is a no wake zone so we passed each other suuuper slow, and let’s just say that’s an image permanently burned onto my retina. Yikes.

7.  On the upside that website brought some comic relief. Like this gem right here. Replete with an AR-15 and gun toting eagle. For those times when straddling a massive tank just doesn’t make enough of a statement.

8.  And now, somewhere in Texas…

9.  Do I wish the strange Trump boat parade people harm? Of course not. Do I think God is literally sinking support for Trump in an effort to get his cult’s attention? Yes, yes I do.

10.  What do you know. Looks like I talked politics after all.