1.  My head feels heavy.

2.  It’s a hazy sort of thing, and not the “jumbo margaritas are tonight’s special” kind.

3.  I think the internet broke my brain.

4.  There’s just too much brutality in the air. Mental, emotional, all of it, sucking the life right out of me.

5.  It’s no wonder I look like the walking dead by Friday afternoon.

6.  This isn’t just me, right? Other folks are feeling the stress of living through these particular times?

7.  Because some days it feels like I’m aging exponentially.

8.  It’s been a week, to say the least.

9.  I made a super fancy dinner last night: egg and sausage scramble. It goes like this.

10.  Cook the pound of Jimmy Dean sausage a grocery store accidentally sent home with BrightSide two weeks ago. Whisk eggs, milk, seasoned salt, and pepper together then add mixture to pan. Don’t forget shredded cheese. Because cheese.

11.  Oh, and bake biscuits. Because biscuits.

12.  It was a home run. Who says good dinner has to be complicated?

13.  Okay, sometimes good dinner is complicated but not last night.

14.  And yep, the headache’s still there. This sucks.

15.  I only just noticed the cicadas have stopped making noise. Mostly.

16.  You know how a dull roar becomes background noise after a bit? Like it’s there…but not?

17.  I didn’t realize how loud the cicadas were in the evenings until they were gone.

18.  Christine wrote a wonderful post about her cicada evening. It’s a powerful piece. You should check it out.

19.  Ooh, how about a quick blog hop? I haven’t done that in a while.

20.  Joey wrote an extremely funny piece about the USPS, bless their hearts. Tracking packages is a blessing and a curse these days.

21.  Damn, Girl nailed a piece on white privilege and she’s right. If she can understand white privilege so can you.

22.  Rebekah wrote out her personal statement in June and signed it “an angry black woman.” It’s the call to action every white person shouldn’t need to hear again.

23.  And, last but certainly not least, my favorite Bitches advise how to ignore the damn corona days productivity porn.

24.  Happy reading, guys!

25.  I’m not on the productivity porn train myself.

26.  I might catch a ride from station to station occasionally but overall I’d say my corona days have been less than impressive productivity-wise.

27.  But hey, at least I made dream inspired chocolate chip cookies from scratch this week.

28.  Seriously, I woke up Wednesday morning with a single crystal clear directive in my brain: make cookies for the kids.

29.  It was some sort of moral imperative, apparently, because I put in the time despite only having dark chocolate chips in the house. Let’s just say one of these teens is a vocal milk chocolate purist.

30.  Didn’t stop them from devouring the cookies, though, did it.

31.  #firstworldproblems

32.  Our local grocery store has been undergoing a massive renovation for about 400 months now.

33.  For a long time it was just messy. Floors ripped up, that sort of thing.

32.  Then one day I showed up and everything had moved. EVERYTHING.

33.  Okay, fine. The produce, bakery, pharmacy, and butcher sections stayed put, but the rest of it? Scrambled like last night’s eggs.

34.  It’s taken a month to almost – almost – get a handle on things, and just when I thought I’d figured it out…

35.  BAM! Up pops a pizza station. A week goes by and…

36.  BAM! Up pops an alcohol section roughly the size of an Olympic pool. It’s enormous. You need breadcrumbs if you wander too far in.

37.  It’s also filled with a range of adult beverages I didn’t even know existed. Now that’s customer service.

38.  So things have finally settled down, right? Stock’s not getting shuffled aisle to aisle, my shopping list is basically in order, it’s solid. Then…

39.  BAM! This week there’s a freaking wine bar. Sitting right there with six bar stools and a sign about alcohol consumption on the premises. A WINE STATION. At the GROCERY STORE.

40.  I guess that’s one way to make shopping in corona times less stressful.