Share Your World Meets Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince:

You have just been gifted a magic wand that specializes in completing household chores. You can request the completion of only two household chores. Which chores would you assign your wand to complete?

Cleaning the bathrooms (yes, I choose to count that as one chore – my post, my rules) and cleaning out/organizing the garage.

At the local Wizards-R-Us store there was a sale on handshake shockers, instant darkness pellets, and levitation pills. Which of these ‘party thrillers’ are you more likely to purchase?

I’m not a fan of surprise shocks or darkness in general so let’s go with levitation pills. Hovering a few feet above ground at will sounds like a good enough time.

In the alley behind Wizards-R-Us, there was a tradesman selling a Love Potion. The sales pitch was too much for you and you yielded and purchased one vial. What do you do with it?

Nope, no way, not doing it. Chemically and/or magically messing with matters of the heart sounds like a recipe for disaster.

You are the Great Clearinghouse Winner of a new ‘good luck’ potion – Felix Felicis. It has to be used within the next thirty days or its potency becomes diminished. Do you use it? Do you give it to a friend in need?

Times are challenging but all in all our family is lucky. There are people who lost their jobs or can’t pay their rent from covid fallout…I’d say there are definitely folks who could use a good luck potion more than me. I’d pass it on.


And now our traditional questions:

If everyone spoke their mind, would this world be a better or worse place?  Why?

I’ll go out on a limb and say better. Will there be people spewing hatred? Yes, but either they were already doing that or they were putting on a pretty public face while they acted with a dark heart. I think laying all our cards on the table will out the people not worth our time and solidify the rest of us.

Can achieving nothing make a person happy?

Yes, if your happiness isn’t measured by achievement. If your happiness comes from knowing yourself and being true to that then you’ll get there regardless of whether you check off a To Do list.

How do you know if you love someone enough to marry them?

Honestly, the older I get the more I wonder how on earth young people succeed at this. What did I know at twenty? I thought I knew plenty, and I guess I knew enough, but then I did a whole lot of changing in my thirties and forties. The more I think about it the more I think it’s a miracle any of our marriages straight out of college made it. But as for the question – if you love someone for who they are and not who you think they can be, if you’re a better person because of them and vice versa, then I’d say you love them enough to marry them.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always this is optional)

Please feel free to write about or share an image of something you’re grateful for!

Except for allergy issues (gotta love NC) our family has stayed healthy through the spring and summer. I’m taking the kids for their flu shots next week so hopefully our luck will hold up.

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