I’ll take corona days for 500, Alex.

Listen, it’s not like there wasn’t anxiety in the Before Times, we all dealt with it in some form or fashion. Anxiety-free existence seems like unicorn reality on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, us humans just have to manage. And manage I did, but since corona days this all seems more…intense.

Intensely exhausting yet somehow also electrifying, but not in a good way. More like in an every nerve ending on fire so it’s impossible to rest kind of way. Lie down for a nap and the synapses start firing, demanding my attention RIGHT THIS MOMENT. Not conducive to recharging the old batteries.

Tuesday night I was on my way to bed when my brain apparently decided it was imperative I rearrange my room. Maybe I’d sleep better if the diffuser is by the bed and there’s no time like the present so I’ll just pop that over here…but the plug is too large to fit into the extension at the nightstand. I saw a power strip in the printer cabinet, though…grab that, swap it for the extension cord, rearrange the phone charger/sound machine/diffuser plugs and voilà! Except didn’t I just read something about AmazonBasics electronics bursting into flames? Google that and yep, I sure did. Remove power strip and make a mental note to toss it, replace old extension cord, plug in phone charger/sound machine, and return diffuser to the dresser.

I guess you can imagine how long it took me to calm down enough to fall sleep. That’s just the passing out part, though, not actual REM cycles, and these circles under my eyes just keep getting darker.

It’ll be time to look for corona days concealer once we venture back out into society.