1.  I took the kiddo to an appointment yesterday and wore jeans. That’s right, we’re talking actual clothes.

2.  Plus socks. And duck boots.

3.  It was like a return to pre-covid days when people went out into the world wearing respectable clothing.

4.  Still no real bras, though. Smash the Patriarchy, Not Your Boobies!

5.  I’m thinking of making t-shirts.

6.  Whatever’s left of hurricane Sally is meandering through our area and the backyard’s mucky.

7.  We should get floaties for the dogs.

8.  You know it’s bad when Gracie skids across mud running out to pee.

9.  Mia’s developed a love affair with her brush.

10.  I don’t know how many of you have ever tried grooming a cat but they’re not typically fans.

11.  T-man’s found a way of scrubbing it against Mia’s scalp and cheeks that makes her feel all purry. Fascinating.

12.  So I’ve got a bit of a kitchen rant here. Let me catch my breath.

13.  I try hard not to pull that “you’ll sit there until you finish your dinner” thing. Too many scars from childhood.

14.  Then there’s the rest of me thinking dammit, if I went to the trouble of planning a balanced menu and buying ingredients and food prep and cooking and putting it all out then the VERY LEAST you can do is try it.

15.  I’m just saying the nights when only two out of four of us eat are a little rough on the psyche.

16.  Got a new diffuser for the family room and I’m running a great energy blend oil in there. Citrus-y and uplifting.

17.  So at that appointment yesterday there was some dumbass white guy in the waiting area with his mask dangling from one ear.

18.  Seriously? SERIOUSLY??

19.  There were “clean” and “used” cups of pens out for completing forms. Seems like a good way to handle paperwork.

20.  Still hanging in with remote classes, man. Good times.

21.  I’ve learned to stop caring about wandering the house in PJs.

22.  I also keep in mind which way their cameras are pointing.

23.  Random thought – does anyone pursue Muzak as an actual career path? Like are there kids out there who grow up thinking gee, I hope someday people held captive in waiting rooms or elevators drown in my voice?

24.  Because that’s what it feels like.

25.  I’m in the middle of a “Quantico” binge on Netflix. Some thoughts in no particular order.

26.  Alex is super boobalicious for a federal agent.

27.  I know, that’s not fair, feds have boobs too. Except there’s normal people boobs and then there’s centerfold boobs. These seem to be the latter.

28.  Also that hair is like a Sandals ad from the Before Times.

29.  Come frolic with gorgeous women on a seven day getaway in paradise! [cue hair toss in breeze}

30.  Are we supposed to believe she got up ninety minutes early to style that mane for freaking boot camp??

31.  The level of suspension of disbelief required by this show is astounding.

32.  Plus all the guys look like they’re swimsuit models straight off their pec workouts.

33.  And did they tailor those skintight t-shirts or just order everything in extra small?

34.  It’s a bit reminiscent of watching “24.”

35.  The world’s in danger – AGAIN! There’s a bomb in the city – AGAIN! There’s a terrorist on the loose – AGAIN!

36.  Still, brain fluff for corona days. I’ll take it.

37.  So since 45 drops shit on the daily let’s just look at the top three that come to mind for the week.

38.  Apparently his reelection strategy rests on convincing the general public that a) a safe and effective vaccine can be rushed through without adequate human trials, b) the infrastructure for producing millions of doses along with necessary medical paraphernalia will magically materialize, and c) Joe the Plumber will be first in line as opposed to, say, frontline workers and people in government.

39.  Trump went head to head with the CDC director, calling him “confused” for his congressional testimony regarding the importance of masks. Dr. Redfield: Medical degree from Georgetown University and a public health leader working in clinical research and care of chronic human viral infections and infectious diseases for more than 30 years. Trump: Draft dodger, TV personality, under investigation for tax fraud, 9/11 publicity leech, too-many-scandals-to-count, slid into the presidency after losing the popular vote. I know who I’m taking medical advice from.

40.  Trump announced he’ll soon sign an executive order establishing the “1776 Commission,” described as a “national commission to promote patriotic education.” Anyone else feel like he just announced plans for re-education camps?