So. Much. Trauma.

Six months of protests and marches and still there’s no justice for Breonna Taylor. They need to stop running those headlines saying a grand jury indicted a former police officer on first-degree wanton endangerment charges in Breonna’s murder. Nobody was charged for Breonna’s murder. That charge doesn’t have anything to do with Breonna, it has to do with the fact that as he blindly shot into Breonna’s apartment his bullets went into the neighbor’s apartment.

Let that sit for a minute. He’s being charged for wantonly endangering the neighbor, but not for the fact that those same bullets wantonly endangered Breonna Taylor’s life.

The family was awarded a large settlement this month in a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. That settlement comes without an admission of wrongdoing, mind you, and it’s a $12 million dollar police brutality price tag the taxpayers will bear. It’s payment, but it’s not justice.

So here we are again, people protesting in the streets as a combat ready police presence closes in around them. You can’t get justice for a woman shot to death in her own bed but by God we’ll detain and arrest you for daring to shout about injustice in our streets. The brutalities served up to Black and Brown people every single day know no end. It is the bottomless shame of America.