1.  After I published last week’s 40 things it hit me like a ton of bricks: “40 things for Friday, Week Twenty-Three” is just about the most meh title ever.

2.  I mean seriously, who’s gonna click over for week twenty-three? (To the 75 that took the plunge – thanks. I appreciate the vote of confidence.)

3.  I’m blaming it on a lack of foresight. I started this series back in the “let’s just make it to summer” stage and didn’t anticipate never-ending corona days.

4.  Whatever, these need a little tagline personality. I’ll try to resist the urge to make it (WTF) between now and the election.

5.  Except, really, WTF.

6.  It’s been quite a week.

7.  Twenty thousand flags were placed on the National Mall to memorialize U.S. Covid-19 deaths.

8.  Trump’s response to 200,000 dead? “It’s a shame.” He’s a silver tongued devil, that one. Well, the devil part is true.

9.  Also of note was Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

10.  Republicans have been remarkably slow to rebuke the concept that an election result isn’t final.

11.  One senator tried to deescalate the situation with “the president says crazy stuff.” Not exactly the sort of thing you want to hear about the guy with the nuclear codes.

12.  Republicans have taken a hearty interest in a speedy confirmation for 45’s Supreme Court nominee.

13.  Even Mitt Romney, one of the few GOP who spoke up about transition of power, is still 100% behind approving a nominee from this impeached president.

14.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s final wish “that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed” fell on deaf ears.

15.  Trump visited yesterday to pay his respects (I’m choking on that one) as RBG lies in repose at the Supreme Court.

16.  Mourners waiting to honor her booed Trump, shouting “honor her wishes” and “vote him out.” She would be proud.

17.  On a side note, I’ve always been a mask proponent so it was refreshing to see 45 model the behavior. Plus looking like a masked bandit as he loomed over RBG’s casket was entirely on point.

18.  Cindy McCain endorsed Joe Biden because country before party.

19.  So did nearly 500 national security experts.

20.  Yesterday’s post laid out my big feelings about the Breonna Taylor decision. Other people agreed. Protests erupted.

21.  As is often the case things didn’t always go well.

22.  Two officers were shot during the Louisville protests.

23.  A truck drove through Buffalo protesters leaving one woman injured.

24.  A Seattle officer was put on leave after running his bike over a protestor’s head.

25.  Police, National Guard, and armed militia groups prowl cities to reinforce the property over people policy.

26.  So basically it is undeniably clear the shit’s hit the fan.

27.  Oh, and the west’s still burning.

28.  Has anyone else wondered if this is some sort of apocalyptic sign thing?

29.  California announced a fifteen year transition to electric cars in an attempt to affect climate change.

30.  News has come out about a group they’re calling Covid-19 “Long Haulers.” Apparently covid isn’t always over when it’s over.

31.  The Justice Department designated Manhattan, Portland, and Seattle as anarchy jurisdictions on orders from 45. For the love.

32.  A Trump caravan rode through our county.

33.  You want to haul thirty pounds worth of Trump flags around? Fine, you do you.

34.  You want to holler ‘WHITE POWER!” out your window? Fine, we already knew you were racist.

35.  You want to wave signs like “Crack Lives Matter”? See above.

35.  You want to flip off little girls holding a BLM sign? Sounds like those family values only matter in your home kkkamp.

36.  Black women have been all over social media. They’re grieving, furious, exhausted, enraged.

37.  They just heard – again – Black women do not matter.

38.  And the white women who dropped into their comments to talk about how angry they sound? The Karens who announced their unfollow because “you’ve lost my respect”?

39.  They got every inch of vicious pushback they deserved and more.

39.  This is not the time to tone police. Your white voice does not belong in those spaces. Your white fragility is a reminder of Black bodies being terrorized.

40.  If you cannot simply say I see you and honor your pain then fight the urge to say anything at all.