1.  Shocking statement of the day: I’m politically engaged. I know, you’re stunned, I never even sound like I’ve got an opinion on the matter.

2.  I try to pay attention to the big picture but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to wrap my head around a broader perspective when every single day brings a new insanity avalanche.

3.  Like the taxes thing. I can’t get into it tonight, my brain just won’t process this mess.

4.  But this tweet sure did make me laugh. I guess we find the funny where we can.

5.  We’ve entered into what I like to call the 8th Circle of Political Hell Television. Wall to wall commercials, each one worse than the last, trying their best to convince you you’re voting for the devil if you don’t straighten up and fly right.

6.  Ridiculously dramatic voiceovers. Subliminal messaging. Not-so-subliminal messaging for folks who need an anvil dropped on their head.

7.  I thought I’d seen it all. This guy used a tax break to remodel his house! [accompanied by a popping champagne bottle] That guy took money from pharmaceutical companies then helped pass their legislation! [accompanied by shady photos of the candidate] I figured we’d pretty much hit rock bottom, now I just had to endure the onslaught until November 3rd.

8.  That’s when the first seizure inducing commercial I’ve ever seen appeared.

9.  I honestly couldn’t tell you who this commercial is about since I can barely keep my eyes on the strobing screen long enough to process the words. All I see is jumpy purple screen and jagged, jerky words and that’s it, I’m out. Seriously, one of those political consultants who worked on this ad campaign ought to lose their job because it is U-S-E-L-E-S-S.

10.  Here’s hoping we’ve seen the worst of the worst. It’s gonna be a long 35 days.