Presidential debate at its finest.

Believe it or not we managed to hang in there for the entire shitshow. So here we go, thoughts in real time (+36 hours).


10 minutes in and this moderator must be hating life. After crosstalk and interruptions and ENDLESS IRRITATION Wallace finally gets to ask what is the Trump healthcare plan.

Trump: “Guess I’m debating you, not him.”

It’s called a MODERATOR, Donald, you’re supposed to answer his questions.

Blah blah blah, socialized medicine, manifesto, THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS.

Biden: “Does anyone know what this clown’s doing?”

omg how do you debate a big baby? And don’t @me about respecting the office, this guy blew that up long ago.


19 minutes in. Biden: “Will you shut up, man?”

a) I need this on a bumper sticker.  b) Ditto.

Decorum died a painful death tonight.


” – in 47 years -” Shh.

“He didn’t even -” Shh.

“Left wing radicals -” I have a whole bag of shh with your name on it.

Poca-f*cking-hontas. New day, same old racist.

Biden: “Will you just shush for a minute?”

a) Nope, he won’t.  b) I really need the moderator to step in here.

Trump claiming that democrats want to keep their states shut down until after the election is mind boggling. It’s like he’s incapable of understanding everybody wants their states open, they just don’t want to be responsible for killing off their constituents.

Trump putting “I don’t wear a mask like HIM” out there like it’s a burn is the only IQ test I need.

Kinda like “Nobody shows up to his rallies” – AKA mine is bigger than yours, na na na na na na.

Trump: Our country is coming back “setting records as it does it” – well, yeah, in death counts maybe.

Biden points out that millionaires and billionaires did well during the pandemic but regular people suffered; Trump counters with “I’m the one who brought back football.” Okay, man, if THAT’S why you’re voting for this guy then I don’t even know what to say. And didn’t the Notre Dame team and Tennessee Titans just get sidelined with outbreaks? If we start losing football players will Trump own that, too?

Tax returns, blah blah blah, audit, blah blah blah. STOP GASLIGHTING US WITH THIS TAX BULLSHIT AND RELEASE YOUR RETURNS.

Cue interruption #117 – didn’t you go to kindergarten, man, who’s got the talking stick??

It’s impossible to hold an intelligent debate with 45. All he does is bluster over top of someone else and wait for them to nod along. That doesn’t work when you’re facing someone with their own opinion and the integrity to stand behind it.

WTF does Hunter Biden and some wealthy wife of a Moscow mayor have to do with this debate? Are we debating the kids now? Does that mean Ivanka, Barron, Don Jr, Eric, and Tiffany are up next? Because I’ve got some opinions about Trump kids running rampant through the government but maybe we should keep the focus on the next president for now.

There’s no ping pong like verbal ping pong.

Moderator: You have the final word.

Biden: Well, it’s hard to get any word in with this clown. Excuse me, this person.

Trump: Can I be honest?

Biden: Try to be honest.

Which brings us to the segment on race. Here we go.

Moderator: Why should Americans trust you over your opponent to deal with racism?

Super predators, law enforcement, Portland, riots, radical left, LAW AND ORDER.

Of course 45 pivots to law enforcement and rioting because what else can a racist talk about when he’s asked about dealing WITH RACISM?

Then comes the question about why Trump directed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity training.

“I ended it because it’s racist.”

Asked why he considered it radical: “If you were a certain person, you had no status in life. It was, sort of, a reversal…they were teaching people to hate our country…We have to go back to the core values of this country.”

Let’s just break that down. In this “radical” training if you were white you had no status. It was a reversal, because black people have no status. We can’t have them teaching that shit, we need to return to our core values where white is right and black is second class.

Core values = know your place.


So are they working on this constant interruption thing for the next one? Because we can safely bet 45 doesn’t give a f*ck about debate rules.

Time to yell about LAW AND ORDER.

Wallace served up a softball question. All Trump had to say was white supremacist groups should stand down. It wasn’t a high bar. But nope, let’s give the Proud Boys a shoutout instead.

Ah hell, let’s skip to the end with a question about urging supporters to stay calm and not declaring victory until the election is independently certified.

Trump: Hell no, I’m sending my supporters in to watch the polls. And if I see ballots being manipulated I can’t go along with that. [So basically…no.]

Biden: Yes. [full stop]

If you’re interested in reading the full transcript from the first presidential debate you can find it here.