1.  So yesterday’s post was fun, huh?

2.  Turns out I had a whole rant bottled up inside just waiting to spill all over the internet.

3.  Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say a single thing I didn’t mean, and it’s not like I’m claiming to be an impartial journalist or whatever.

4.  Perhaps the blog banner needs another subtitle. “Big fat opinionated feelings & random observations abound. Welcome.”

5.  Here’s a random for you: I made this veggie fried rice and It Is AWESOME.

6.  Chinese and Mexican food, man. We’re big fans.

7.  Those two categories probably make up about 80% of our meals.

8.  But last night I made salmon with these Honey Garlic Green Beans.

9.  Fair warning: If you’re in BrightSide’s camp (AKA vegetables must be cooked within an inch of their life) then these might not be your jam.

10.  He ate his serving, though. His dad taught him long ago if someone cooks for you then you’ll eat. Period.

11.  Those are some smart men.

12.  Anyway, I thought they were delicious. Crisp but not crunchy with a fabulous sauce…mmm.

13.  I’ve officially added another checkmark on the grownup list. I’m now the proud owner of – wait for it – a salad spinner.

14.  I know, I know, you’re probably all “way to go, Laura, they’ve only been around since the ’70s!”

15.  Listen, I can be cynical. I figured they fell into the “just more junk to clutter cabinets” category.

16.  I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

17.  So I’ve gone on a salad campaign. I bought three kinds of lettuce then chopped, washed, and spun them out and it actually worked. Clean, 99.5% dry lettuce that I stored in pyrex and popped in the fridge.

18.  Everyone was given clear instructions. The lettuce was there to be used. Let the salad-ing begin.

19.  And that worked. Even though we all enjoy salads nobody actually wants to go to the trouble of chopping lettuce for lunch, but if it’s already prepped and in the fridge? Well then heck yeah, load ‘er up.

20.  You know it works when T-man asks if he can make one, grabs the romaine, and tosses together a Caesar. Boom.

21.  I even made this balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Sooo good.

22.  Not for BrightSide because if there’s even a molecule of mustard the whole thing is ruined. RUINED, I SAY.

23.  It’s okay, I enjoyed it enough for the both of us.

24.  You know what else that salad spinner is good for? Cilantro. It’s like magic.

25.  This has been a rough week for Phoebe. She’s an anxious girl to begin with…then this week they started ripping up our street.

26.  That’s not hyperbole; they literally chunked away the asphalt.

27.  You can imagine how this went over with the dog who barks bloody murder at elderly neighbors walking.

28.  First came giant trucks with their engines and their beeping and their men in front of our house.

29.  Then came violently loud, the-world-is-coming-to-an-end jackhammering and other demolition noises.

30.  Capped off by more trucks and weird smells and roller thingies and SO MANY STRANGE MEN.

31.  It’s been one long experiment in Benedryl, CBD oil, and any other dang thing I can think of to ease this pup’s mind.

32.  It hasn’t gone great. Let’s just say I really need them to finish this project before she completely goes off the deep end.

33.  I’m not ashamed to say this level of fur baby angst has me walking the edge, too.

34.  Phoebe couldn’t even enjoy a car ride yesterday, for Pete’s sake. A car ride! That’s practically dog nirvana.

35.  Next thing you know she’ll be turning down cheese slices.

36.  Okay now, I need to hear your best dog comfort suggestions in the comments. Don’t be shy. We’re at the try anything stage around here.

37.  Gracie is, not surprisingly, unbothered. Same for Mia. I guess they’re chill fur babies.

38.  Although, to be fair, Gracie has stolen her fair share this week. Sometimes she acts up when Phoebe gets too much attention.

39.  Does anyone else feel like their pups are perpetual toddlers? Anyone?

40.  Well, I’m grateful it’s Friday. Time to go snuggle a puppy and see what I can manage to get done during her naps. Happy weekend, everybody!