When was the last time you tried something new? How did that go for you?

Wow, it turns out this is a remarkably hard question to answer. I’ve been at home so long in corona times I’ve nearly forgotten what it means to try something new so I guess I’ll say learning how to shop with a mask on. I’ll be honest, it took a good four weeks to land on a system that (kind of) works. It’s this whole complicated process of glasses off to avoid fogging, enormous text font on my shopping list, and quick glasses pop-ons for reading labels or weighing produce. It’s…workable.

What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

Own rain boots. Nothing ruins a day faster than wet socks.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Oh, I’d say maybe forty-two or so. I feel enough aches and pains not to fool myself with thirty-something and I’m most definitely wiser these days. It’s just hard to fathom that in a few short months I’ll have been on this earth for fifty years. Wild, man.

Lastly, I’ll be doing one “Halloween” themed question per week during October. Those who don’t observe the holiday are welcome to answer or to ignore it as they wish.

Fun CREEPY Halloween Question: Have you ever seen a ‘fresh’ corpse (aka dead body)?

Nope. Good thing, too, since despite my enjoyment of shows like “Law and Order”, “NCIS”, and “Homeland” I can’t imagine I’d do all that well with an actual dead body.

GRATITUDE SECTION (always optional): Do you enjoy any seasonal traditions around this time of year?

Does buying an exorbitant amount of candy, dumping it all into a bowl, then eating a ton before the trick-or-treaters get it all count? Not exactly unique but that’s something I do this time of year.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.