Medium. It’s such a nice, middle of the road sort of word.

“How irritated were you by the dog eating your pizza last night?” Oh, medium I guess. (lie)

“How satisfied were you with our company’s customer service on this call?” Medium. (small lie)

“On a scale of Little Bit to Holy Hell Get Me Out Of Here, how much do you wish you could go on vacation until sanity regains its footing?” Medium. (big fat lie)

I usually roll with mediums in t-shirts unless I’m rocking a comfy large and I really think I ought to own more of those but that’s beside the point right now. For years this used to be a relatively straightforward thing – what size do you want? Medium. Bam. Done.

Then some genius decided a t-shirt couldn’t just be a t-shirt, it had to have a fit. So we got classic fit, unisex fit, pro fit, men’s fit, slim fit, tall fit, women’s fit, and women’s slim fit. Hell, there’s probably a Middle Age PMS Beer Belly fit for all I know. Suddenly medium wasn’t just medium anymore and things got a whole lot more complicated.

Maybe we oughta just go with large and call it a day.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “medium.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!