1.  Rain. So much rain. Rainy rain rain all dang weekend.

2.  I’m gonna need someone to explain why God made furry paws when rain turns the earth into a disastrous mucky mess.

3.  We had some food stuff happen this weekend. Not exactly unusual around these parts because life with Gracie is oh so fun.

4.  We got takeout on Friday. I could say something here about coming together to support local businesses during corona times but seriously, I just wanted some pizza and beer.

5.  Fun fact about pizza: Restaurants will charge out the wazoo for gluten free crust. OUT THE WAZOO. Specials never apply. My pizza only comes in one size, you pay full price, and there’s a three to four dollar surcharge to make it gluten free.

6.  I try not to feel bitter about this. Pizza is one of the few gluten free things I haven’t mastered at home so I try to see this as a splurge and embrace it. Well, “embrace” might be a stretch but I try not to moan and groan. Too much.

7.  We’re a small family but we accept our differences. Two ordered a thin crust pepperoni, one ordered a regular pepperoni, two ordered breadsticks, then there was my gluten free. A medley of pizza deliciousness.

8.  Right up until the moment I stepped into the kitchen to put up my leftovers. Someone had accidentally left my box on the counter and if there’s one thing Gracie can sniff out from a mile away it’s opportunity.

9.  By the time I even registered the fact that it was indeed my pizza box Gracie had already thrown her paws up onto the counter, shoved her nose under the lid, and inhaled the last of the most expensive pizza in the damn room.

10.  This dog, y’all. She is eight freaking years old and just as much trouble today as the first day she could reach the counter.