I do. They’re right here, bopping around in my brain, mocking me for waiting until bedtime to throw something together.

Some days get away from me in a blur of cooking or parenting or schooling and such. Some plain old disappear in a cloud of pet hair and Netflix because…well, just because. Then there’s days like today with dog walks and errands and appointments and cooking and crisis management and blood sugar dropping and traffic close calls and an unending barrage of unanswerable questions about EVERY FREAKING THING ON EARTH.

Is it just me? Nope? Good, we’ll blame it on the ‘rona.

So with no further ado, welcome to a few posts I’d write if my brain wasn’t mush.

**  Being accused of being “PC” when most posts I write seem to piss off somebody. If I’m being PC then I’m not doing a very good job of it.

**  That people think I feel the way I do because I’m in some sort of brainless Trump bashing fugue state. Like my conclusions about this particular man aren’t based in day to day reality. Please.

**  While picking up some emergency PetSmart supplies I realized I was overconfident in that morning’s KIND bar powers. I’d burned through those calories and then some, an issue that hit me smack dab in the middle of the cat food aisle. When it came down to collapsing by the kitty litter or unmasking to stuff a power bar in my face I chose the latter, but at least I ate quickly.

**  The sheer volume of revelations coming so fast and furious it’s impossible to wrap my mind around one before media moves on to the next. Telling the Proud Boys to stand by. Incomplete/inaccurate/misleading health briefings about the president during a health crisis. Refusal to reveal when Trump last tested negative. Declining to do contact tracing for a super spreader event at the White House. Paying only $750 in federal income taxes for 2016 and 2017. Trashing Dr. Fauci. Russia and Iran interfering in the 2020 election while Trump continues to scream about absentee voting scams in blue states. A secret Chinese Bank account. A secret Chinese Bank account. The crazy thing is give it twelve hours – by the time I open my eyes tomorrow there’ll be a new headline trending.

That’s it, it’s past 11:30, I’ve got to tag out. Here’s hoping tomorrow’s a little quieter around here.