Misery loves company.

It’s an interesting saying. When I’m in my mopey place I’m rather a lone wolf – hunker down, snack on comfort food, watch movies that either make me laugh hysterically or snuffle into my tissues. The last thing I want is anyone around with a “buck up, kiddo!” can do attitude.

I suppose this company is more philosophical though. You’re feeling super crabby pants about something so you complain to everyone around you, gripe on twitter, post on TikTok, send up smoke signals, whatever. I think they’re talking about when you rally the troops to get SUPER PISSED OFF about whatever gripe of the day tweaked your whiskers.

Here’s where things get wonky.

Your gripe of the day that sends you flying off the handle might seem to an impartial observer to be, well, somewhat less than urgent or rage worthy. And my gripe of the day that makes me want to blow things up might seem to an impartial observer to be, well, also somewhat less than urgent or rage worthy. It boggles my mind. I’m sure it boggles yours when I don’t storm the streets over, I don’t know…keeping that confederate statue planted squarely in front of our courthouse because HISTORY and such.

Some folks like to say keep the peace. There’s so much discord in the world, why add to it when you can smooth the waters, and to that I say this. It depends. If we’re talking stuff like boo hoo, my favorite show got pulled from Netflix then yeah, maybe you could tamp it down. But there are things worth discussing, even when they upset people, even when it seems pushy or unpleasant or strident or full of “tone.” It’s a fine line between telling people to suck it up to make the world a better place and valuing peace over justice.

Food for thought.

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