1.  My old hometown/current county made the news. Again.

2.  This really isn’t the way you want to trend on twitter. #AlamanceCounty, #AlamanceNC, and #GrahamNC – check out the racist shit going on in THIS town, man.






8.  I keep thinking about people we saw on Saturday. The little princess dancing as we marched by her house, calling out Black Lives Matter! while she bounced up and down. Two girls in their Halloween costumes munching on Jujubees as they walked with the group. A mother pushing her stroller from the church to the courthouse.

9.  The elderly people who suited up to walk to the polls. The gentleman with his cane and the woman who carried her folded stool so she could sit at the square. Their quiet dignity as they made that march.

10.  There were children and college students, preachers and parents, young men and women – they all showed up for each other and the right to vote. It was a peaceful march for change that should have ended up at the polling station. Instead it ended with children vomiting, adults blinded or retreating to avoid pepper spray, and arrests. The Alamance County Sheriff and Graham Police Department should be ashamed.