Bonjour! Oui, it’s true, I was one of the two million high school girls who took French as a foreign language because – wait for it – the Romance languages are so BEAUTIFUL…posh. Not a thought in my pretty little head for whether French would be, oh, I dunno, USEFUL or anything.

Side note: Turns out that useless little high school French class DID come in handy as I tried to stammer my way through an apology to a French subway police officer because I’d thrown away my train ticket before getting above ground. Note to my friends – hold onto the stub because “I’m sorry, pardonne moi, je suis américain” is an embarrassing thing to say to foreign law enforcement. Probably not at all surprising but that’s a post for another day.

Those were the days, though, when counting down the days to an adventure journey was a highlight of the year. It’s hard to imagine when that will come back around again. When it will feel normal to pack a bag and get on an airplane without feeling like you’re playing Russian roulette with a deadly virus. The election news has been all encompassing this week so the covid spike story caught me off guard yesterday. I mean in some part of my brain I “knew” it was coming what with more stuff happening indoors and maybe even the weeks leading up to election day with people going for early voting…but I didn’t know it in the sense that I was all huh, yep, there it goes. Learning we’d passed 100,000 cases a day again in the U.S. was more like a holy crap, I look away for A MINUTE and this stupid virus loses it’s damn mind again reaction.

Hey, look at all those spinning plates…

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