1.  No more tossing coffee in a Yeti to sip while waiting for early morning appointments. Sadness and sorrow.

2.  Holiday commercials with families opening Christmas presents together over Zoom calls.

3.  An acute awareness of the limitations of plexiglass.

4.  Falling down the Snickers rabbit hole to the tune of bonus pounds. Bless.

5.  Losing 90% of my drying hangers to a never ending mask rotation.

6.  The fact that we’ve reached the point where one kiddo feels like we need a gun in the house.

7.  There’s no hiding behind busy-ness anymore.

8.  Finally motivating to reopen DuoLingo only to realize exactly how much Spanish I forgot over the last two years.

9.  Learning the intricacies of online ordering from a dozen different sources.

10.  Skill erosion. Seriously, guys, I have absolutely no idea if I’ll remember how to put on proper makeup once we’re on the other side of this thing. So if I show up at an event with crooked eyeliner or wild brows I guess we’ll just chalk it up to covid amnesia.