In just one more surprise 2020 twist it turns out the newest kitty is a boy and somehow misgendering our cat seems right on trend this year. Nothing about 2020 has been what it seemed. Shoot, we’ll be lucky if next month he doesn’t turn feral.

Quick, everyone, knock on wood for me.

I got the news on Monday afternoon and believe me when I say there were five solid minutes of sputtering in the kitty exam room. “But…but…you see…a boy? A BOY?? Really?! But…I don’t…are you…really?? A BOY??? But NONE of our pets are boys!” Good grief, that vet probably thought she’d have to slap me back to my senses. Major kudos for her extraordinary patience, that’s for sure.

Cut to me texting a pic of the Feline Physical Exam Findings to my family with a “So….this happened. Who sees it?” in a game of who’ll spot the “male” designation first. Cue the following barrage:

  • Maleeee
  • Whatttt
  • No way
  • mom…
  • so kaia is a kyle
  • Bettt
  • maybe that’s where the aggression comes from
  • EW WTH
  • Life is full of surprises 😂🤣

It does explain a few things. Like how he throws himself kamikaze style at his toy. Or leaps before he looks. Or runs straight into a chair, for heaven’s sake. It’s an adventure.

Tuesday morning we kicked off a brand new day. Everyone helped whenever someone called the kitty she or her and we started – Lord help me, once again – the search for a name. Last time this took three days so I figured there’d be a decent chance I could reintroduce him today. If only we could settle on a name. Turns out that was a little optimistic.

So here we are, re-welcoming he-who-is-yet-to-be-named to the fold. It’s A Boy!!