What is worse than a dentist with bad breath?

A gynecologist with no bedside manner. Yeah, I said it.

Have you ever been rejected by someone that you liked, or been told that you were not good enough for somebody else?

Yes. I can’t imagine there’s anyone on the planet who hasn’t experienced this, unless it’s because they haven’t experienced it yet. Rejection is part of the human condition…the trick is growing into the belief that you’re enough exactly as you are.

Did you ever want to have toast for breakfast, only to find that all your bread was covered in green mold?

Ugh, YES! Less so now that I eat gluten free and have to keep my bread in the fridge but this was a serious bummer back in my gluten-y toast days.

Did you ever sneeze so hard that your whole body hurt?

Another yes. It was one of those years when I caught a godawful flu and every inch of my body ached like I was dying. A sneeze made me wish I was.

Did you ever buy clothing on the internet that did not fit, but you wore them anyway, since you didn’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge to send them back?

I’m notoriously stubborn about returns. I won’t shop online through anyone that charges return shipping because I’m fundamentally opposed to the idea you’ll deduct a fee when your product doesn’t fit.

As a nod to the upcoming American Thanksgiving Holiday which happens this Thursday, please share in the Gratitude Section anything you might be thankful for this particular November. 

I’m extraordinarily thankful that so far our family has managed to stay healthy, relatively speaking. We’ve dealt with allergies and bad colds, broken toes and aching joints, but considering what’s going around out there I’d say we’ve been pretty lucky.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.