Okay then. There may still be a pile of laundry on the table behind me but I’ve had some coffee and fur baby lovies so we’ll try this again.

I know 2020 has been a big letdown in a lot of ways. My family’s disappointed we’re not hosting for the holidays and even I’m sad we’re not deep in the throes of final panicky cooking maneuvers before people pull into the driveway. Hell, last year I actually perfected a spreadsheet timeline so I’d stop stressing about when food gets cooked and in what device but covid19 times are upon us and it is what it is.

So in that spirit, here are some things I’m grateful for this year.

That we still have both these sweet fur babies with us. Their muzzles may be whiter and they may sleep more than they used to but we’re grateful for every single moment with them.

That these two have become fast friends and I’ve got to say watching two kitties chase each other around the house is doing wonders for my blood pressure.

That every day these kids come into themselves more. Teens are angsty and hormonal and aggravating, sure, but they’re also really cool people.

That BrightSide and I are healthy and hanging in there through all the ups and downs right now. Marriage is an adventure. Parenting is an adventure on steroids. Doing both during a pandemic is peak nonsense. Bless

Much love to all of you. For my readers who celebrate the holiday I hope you’ve found a way to mark this very unusual year. And for all of you I hope your own gratitude joys will shine through and give you strength.