1.  Good news: I was able to put together the tree and leave it up.

2.  Bad news: I had to lock the kitten in a room so I wouldn’t have to fight him off while assembling it. Seven’s a stubborn little bugger.

3.  Good news: The tree is still standing. Considering it’s next to a glass topped coffee table that’s no small thing.

4.  Bad news: Two bottom branches have been beaten until they’re skimming the floor. They’re looking pretty sad but he sure is having fun bouncing off them.

5.  Good news: I managed to string lights around the thing without tumbling off the stepladder.

6.  Bad news: We managed to shoo Seven away from chewing a bulb but I’m 99% convinced one of these days he’ll get his feet tangled in those things and tumble unceremoniously to the floor.

7.  Good news: Somehow we actually have enough indestructible and/or randomly inconsequential ornaments to make this tree look pretty enough.

8.  Bad news: Seven is very interested in those ornaments. VERY interested. Check out the video on Instagram if you want to see him in ATTACK THE MOOSE mode.

9.  Good news: Yesterday we made it to bedtime with tree intact, lights up, and a selection of ornaments hung. It’s a Christmas miracle.

10.  Bad news: This year’s tree has some unique characteristics. No ornaments within two feet of the top because Seven’s taken to perching on the tip like a furry angel. No ornaments within two feet of the bottom because Seven tugs and tears and bites at the branches. I guess time will tell if he’ll let the ornaments in between be.