Some days are easy breezy Covergirl. Technology doesn’t glitch, toast doesn’t burn, and Gracie doesn’t steal something toxic in the middle of someone’s live class prompting yells of GRACIE! GRACIE!! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW DO YOU HEAR ME BRING IT HERE HERE HERE RIGHT NOW DO NOT EAT THAT BRING IT HERE GRACIE!!! Easy breezy days are waking up without an alarm clock, clean socks that weren’t stolen by a kitten and hidden under the Christmas tree, plus plenty of peaceful coffee time with a fur baby curled up at my side.

Yesterday was not easy breezy.

Yesterday was a Mom! Seven’s got your underwear! sort of day. Other people’s kittens do this, right? Snatch a pair of panties from the folded laundry pile and prance across the room with them? No? Just us? Huh. And yes, I know, this whole situation could be avoided if I’d just put away my clean clothes as soon as they’re folded but I think we all know that’s not my life.

Yesterday was Gracie refusing to come in from the backyard because why on earth would she when the backyard means peeing around bird feeders and eating Phoebe’s poop? Nothing’s more fun than that so I’ll stay out here as long as I please and you can just keep calling for me since you’ve got nothing better to do all day than watch after my furry butt.

Yesterday was one MacBook infected with a virus that didn’t get cleared until midway through history class because of course it did.

Yesterday was dragging both kids out of bed to log in on time because we’re all counting the days ’til Christmas break and nobody’s feeling fresh as a daisy even if it’s 8:00am and that’s not exactly the crack of dawn. And yes, I’m so tired I just had to google “crack of dawn” to make sure it really means what I think it means and I’m not hallucinating.

Yesterday was half a dozen things going wrong right before dinner so I tossed potatoes at BrightSide when he came through a door with a frantic WOULD YOU PLEASE PEEL THESE SO WE COULD POSSIBLY EAT DINNER SOMETIME BEFORE FREAKING MIDNIGHT?? which is a totally stress-free greeting from your loving wife after a long day at work. Full disclosure: he did peel said potatoes and we did manage to eat well before midnight so we’ll put that in the win column.

So yeah, our Thursday wasn’t easy breezy, but in these precious corona times I’ve decided to embrace an attitude I held close in the kids’ toddler years. Everyone opened their eyes in the morning, left their beds for the day, ate some, lived some, and were all still breathing by bedtime. It might not be easy breezy but whatever, we’re making it work.

Here’s hoping you and yours are making it work, too.