1.  ‘Tis the season for commercials galore. It’s better than the days when our only option was network tv but still, they find a way to sneak onto my screens and into my brain.

2.  So much fluff skims right on by but one thing stuck in this old noggin of mine. The Roomba.

3.  You know what this is, right? That round little R2D2 robot vacuum that meanders around your house picking up dust and dirt and whatnot? It looks adorable.

4.  I’m fascinated by the idea of a Roomba in our house. Would Gracie tackle it? Would it terrify the cats? Would Phoebe lazily open one eye as it bumbles by only to freak out when it bumps her bed?

5.  Would it tumble down the stairs and end up in chunks on the landing?

6.  What happens if it gets stuck in a corner or under furniture? Does it shriek RELEASE ME! until it’s rescued?

7.  With two dogs, two cats, and two girls who quite frankly shed more than our fair share of hair in this house will the poor thing simply blow up?

8.  But curiosity got the best of me. How much would a little motorized vacuum set me back? The idea of my own personal R2D2 to capture some of these dog and cat hair dust bunnies was intriguing.

9.  Cue a visit to irobot.com and riotous laughter because TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS? WHAT?!? Okay, to be fair that’s the top of the line, brand spanking new technology version but still. Just…still.

10.  I’m thinking I’ll stick with my own little vacuum and keep dreaming of a world where magical fairies clean these floors.