I’m hanging out here with a mack truck parked squarely in my skull and exhaustion deep in my bones. No, it’s not the ‘rona, at least I’m 99.9% sure about that. Mostly because I’m 99.999% sure I did this to myself. Well, the mack truck part anyway.

BrightSide’s been craving lasagna. It’s hard to blame the guy – we used to make a mean one back in my pasta days but it’s been a good while – we’re talking years – since that glorious smell has graced our kitchen. I’ve been less than impressed with gluten free pasta so I haven’t been inspired to try a two hour experiment with GF noodles that would likely end in disaster. I’ve made my peace with mac and cheese but that has more to do with the magical properties of a creamy homemade sauce than the gluten free noodles.

But yesterday BrightSide seriously deserved lasagna and I wasn’t making it with crappy GF ingredients. That heavenly aroma dragged me in so I rolled the dice and ate a piece myself. Here’s what I know is true.

1.  I’ve lost all muscle memory for how to make a lasagna. ALL of it. What temp is the oven set to? I mix together what now? Wait, there are supposed to be eggs in here? I’m an excellent cook but apparently having a written recipe to follow has become more than simply “helpful.”

2.  You can’t beat the glorious smell of warm lasagna wafting from the kitchen. Unless you layer freshly baked garlic bread on top of it and then we’re talking epic.

3.  I took my magic digestive supplement that’s supposed to help me eat – ahem – challenging foods but I’m guessing pasta noodles were too much of a heavy lift. Thus the mack truck crushing my skull. I think the bone deep exhaustion is more a result of yesterday’s headlong sprint though the day than digestive issues. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix. I hope.