I’m not a betting girl but if I were I’d lay odds that everybody’s mind shot straight to refrigerator magnets. Because unless you’re all science-y then what else is there to talk about? So we’ll start there, alright? Fridge magnets.

People seem to fall in one of three categories when it comes to these.

  1. Stark. Their fridges stand sparkling clean as a monument to uncluttered living. Their shelves and pantries tend to be incredibly organized and there’s nary a junk drawer in sight.
  2. Minimalist. These households have a handful of magnets holding important papers to the fridge. Schedules, calendars, a grocery list, that sort of thing.
  3. Magnet factory explosion. Their fridges are covered in an often colorful magnet vomit to the point that you can’t really see the color of the fridge itself.

These days we fall under #2. The kids’ school schedules are up there because seriously, can anyone really keep track of when each kid has live class/study hall/lunch? I can’t. There’s an assortment of helpful resources hanging on the side – can’t think what they are at the moment but it’s not too many – plus a big yellow note that says CATCH UP ON CHORES for those weeks when the kids are slipping. Because life, y’know?

My absolute favorite magnets, though, are the alphabet ones I remember from my childhood. Have you seen these? Colorful letters that stuck to the fridge so you could spell out words and stuff – they were the bomb. I’ve seen an updated version with word magnets, little white rectangles with words printed on them. Our friends had a set and it was always fun to see what saying they had on the fridge. It’s the little things, am I right?

But as far as current day magnet favorites go mine has to be the set of magnetic measuring spoons I got this fall. They have a leveler and everything sticks together in the drawer so it’s neat but they’re not on a ring so I can just take off the one I need to use. Plus there are sizes I didn’t used to have. In addition to the typical measurements it has 1/2 tablespoon, 3/4 teaspoon, and 1/8 teaspoon which may not sound like much but they make me ridiculously happy.

It’s definitely the little things.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “magnet.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!