1.  Watching them roll out the covid vaccinations this week has been incredible.

2.  And when you consider that they’ve managed to develop these tools in only nine months it seems like a miracle. One we sorely needed this year.

3.  2020: The Year Of Utter Darkness And Despair With Despondency To Boot But At Least We Finally Got A Vaccine.

4.  So when I say I’m grateful we have vaccines approved for use I mean I’m a fall-down-on-your-knees-and-cry sort of grateful. It’s the end of the beginning which isn’t the end but at least it’s moving us into the next stage of this sh*tshow. I’ll take it.

5.  But as grateful as I am – and again, it’s soggy tissues grateful – I’ve got some feelings about these vaccinations. More specifically, who’s been lining up to get their magic bullet.

6.  Who do I want right up front? Every kind of healthcare worker from doctors to nursing staff to EMTs and anyone else I’ve managed to forget. We need to protect the people who come into contact with the most covid positive cases. They’re most at risk; they’re also the people helping the rest of us when we get sick.

7.  Also the teachers. These folks have been doing the heavy lifting in education for months now. If they’re not trying to remotely teach our kids despite all the covid stress in their own lives then they’re exposed to risk inside their classrooms.

8.  We should also recognize our essential workers. The ones who kept us going when everything ground to a halt – food supply, mail carriers, pharmacy, that sort of thing. We still have a long way to go and they need protection while we wait for vaccinations to be completed.

9.  Plus the elderly, people with high risk conditions, military, police, firefighters…it’s a long list and quite honestly one I wouldn’t want to be in charge of prioritizing.

10.  But the piece that has me feeling quite a bit of rage-y rageness is watching public figures who for months have downplayed or outright denied covid risk jump to the front of the line to get their vaccine. Marco Rubio comes to  mind. Don’t give me “He’s setting such a great example for people nervous about the vaccine.” Rubio getting a vaccine before every healthcare worker has one says everything you need to know about power and privilege in America.