It’s the last Sunday in 2020, guys. Wait, I’ll do that again with proper emphasis. IT’S THE LAST SUNDAY IN 2020, GUYS. WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  

It’s not hyperbole to say I’ve been waiting all year for this moment. Because I’ve actually, literally been counting down the weeks in this godforsaken year. I know, I know, I shouldn’t wish away my life – and I haven’t. As a matter of fact I’m quite grateful to still be here living my life when so many people have suffered or even died during this pandemic. People younger than me. People healthier than me. The whole thing has had the rather unsettling effect of making life look a crapshoot so I will be exceedingly grateful once we’re looking back on covid19 as a footnote in history.

Let’s just ignore the fact that it’ll be decades before this truly feels like history, shall we?

So in honor of our final Sunday Snapshot here’s a sampling from 2020. If you’d like to spend a few minutes exploring, clicking on a photo will take you to its Sunday Snapshot post.