We’re almost there, pretties. Just a few more hours and we can finally say goodbye to this cursed year. I’m not one for fireworks but if ever there was a year that called for burning things to the ground it’s this one. Let’s be honest, though. It just wouldn’t be 2020 without a few good ass kickings on the way out.


Some cases of the new coronavirus strain have popped up in Colorado and California. I can’t say I’m shocked. I can say seriously? SERIOUSLY?? Okay, fine, I guess we’re buckling in for more…covid. Ugh.

The ‘rona took Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island.” This is bad. The fact that I told my daughter and she said yeah, I don’t know who that is made it worse.

After about a half second of hope Mitch McConnell pissed on the chance for $2000 stimulus checks because it’s not like people need real help or anything, I mean damn, they gave out $1200 back in March. Apparently he thinks y’all greedy for wanting to eat and pay bills and stuff.

Vaccines have begun their rollout but with details left to the states it’s kind of a crapshoot. Florida’s senior citizens camped out overnight in chilly conditions trying to score one of the first come, first served covid vaccinations. I need you to picture those folks sixty-five and older bundled up in their camping chairs from 7pm on – is this really the best we can do?

A suicide bomber detonated his RV in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas morning and it wasn’t even acknowledged by the sitting president. Headlines have been hit or miss – for some reason this white guy keeps getting described as somebody who was killed while setting off a bomb instead of how the news media would automatically identify a Muslim or Black offender. For real, when’s the last time a brown person was described as anything other than a suicide bomber if they’re involved in detonating a bomb? That’s right, never.

Trump calls for Georgia’s Republican governor to resign. Because of course he does. He’s gonna take his ball and go home, too.

Speaking of, January 6 is shaping up to be a day you might want to avoid Washington DC. Trump continues to rile up supporters and call them to town for protests as Congress certifies the election results. But I’m sure that won’t get out of hand. I’m equally sure the “law and order” people will call for “vigilant oversight” as people exercise free speech and possibly tear down and burn Black Lives Matter flags in the street. Cuz ‘Merica.

Twitter is still making white people famous for pitching enormous toddler-sized tantrums over – I sh*t you not – wearing masks. In the last week I’ve watched a grown ass man lie on his back in Walmart as an officer stands over him explaining why he has to mask up or leave and a grown ass woman act like a brat because she wouldn’t wear a mask and distance inside a UPS store. It’s been since March, folks. MARCH. How do these people function in the world when wearing a mask for twenty minutes puts them into this sort of a tailspin?


As for me I’ve set a new healthy habit goal for myself: no more staying up writing until 2am so I’m off to bed. I may pop back on tomorrow to add to my little BYE 2020 post but just in case…whether you’re crawling, walking, or sprinting out of this insanely long year I say congratulations to us all on making it. I believe that, in and of itself, is a win. Peace out.