1.  Yeah, I know. It’s bad.

2.  I got an alert last week about not having enough iCloud storage to back up my phone and it set off all sorts of alarms because what do you mean, we’ve got TONS of storage floating around up there, why can’t my phone back up?

3.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up the family iCloud settings only to find I’m using three times the data as anyone else. Good grief, people, it’s not like I’m writing a dissertation on this thing, what’s the deal.

4.  Cue several google searches on how to make this right. I reset my app backups to pare down my storage.

5.  I’m in the process of editing or deleting videos. How many slow-mo videos of the bird feeder does a girl need anyway?

6.  And I love a kitten or dog video as much as the next person but I’ve got a gazillion of these things and that’s just nuts. But the time it’s taking to sort through and choose which to keep? Also nuts.

7.  Which brings us to the 9,000+ photos on my phone. Nine.Thousand.And.Then.Some photos just waiting to be electronically sifted through for data worthiness.

8.  I can’t begin to imagine how long it will take to go through this many photos. I also know it’s my own damn fault – anyone who takes ten shots of a sleeping puppy then doesn’t immediately delete nine of them gets what she deserves, I suppose. And it looks like I deserve several hours of mind numbing work.

9.  Scroll, scroll, scroll, enlarge, decrease, enlarge, decrease, select select select select select select select, delete. Repeat ad infinitum.

10.  Oh well, these photos won’t sort themselves. Let’s see how far we can get before my eyes cross and sleep kicks in. Wish me luck and happy Monday!