What should you get rid of, that would make your new year better, and why? (Don’t say Covid-19, we all want to get rid of the dang virus.)

Fantasy answer: These fur babies would magically stop shedding so I won’t feel guilty about not vacuuming every day. Real world answer: I should ditch guilt about not being a Stepford wife when it comes to keeping things perfect because a) nobody is, b) even if somebody is that doesn’t mean I have to be, and c) I am who I’m meant to be and that is enough.

 What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

My first reaction was going up in a helicopter because yikes, then I remembered the time we went swimming with whale sharks. At the time I passed it off as One Big Nature Adventure because the kids were with us and I try not to freak them out but when I think about jumping off that boat in the middle of the freaking ocean and paddling off toward the giant sea creatures…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t do it again.

Does your family have a “motto” – spoken or unspoken?

That’s an interesting question. It would probably be even more interesting to see if everyone else agrees but seeing as I’m answering it’s “We can do hard things.”

On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are? (this does not mean ‘smell’ or looks; because this is a judgment free blog!)

I’d say a nine. Of course I have what polite society calls a dry wit, AKA an abundance of sarcasm and snark, so I suppose that nine is in the eye of the beholder.

Tell everyone something that you found personally lifted your spirits!

This should probably be something zen like meditation or gardening or mindful breathing or whatever but honestly this glass of Rumchata is lifting my spirits just fine tonight.

Sparks from a Combustible Mind hosts Share Your World.