Final vote tally:

  • 222 Democrats, 10 Republicans – voted yea
  • 197 Republicans – voted nay
  • 5 members – no vote

First, I admire those ten Republicans for doing the right thing even though it means taking heat from the GOP and White House. Someday they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren that they put nation over party and that’s laudable. But it doesn’t negate the fact that they’ve spent years propping up this egomaniacal man and therefore bear some responsibility for getting us here. Both are true.


I caught a fair amount of the debate. It wasn’t good for my blood pressure.

Good thing the kids weren’t in the house for school yesterday.


The vast majority of GOP arguments during debate were infuriating.

But what about all those violent BLM mobs? Why didn’t we go after representatives that encouraged those?? A number of members liked the whataboutism argument: if there hadn’t been so many BLM marches over the summer then maybe there wouldn’t have been a violent coup at the Capitol last week. I like to think we send smart people to Congress. Correlating these two events as if they are the same thing forces me to either abandon that concept of intelligent representation or accept a gross number of GOP reps flat out lie. Neither option makes me feel good about our government.

This is too rushed. It’s setting a dangerous precedent that will lead to instant impeachments. Excuse me, sir, but aren’t you the party that nominated a Supreme Court justice the very same week Ruth Bader Ginsburg died? Then crammed through the confirmation proceedings in the middle of an election? Then seated said nominee on the Court ONE WEEK before November 3rd? During an election your candidate eventually lost? Get out of here with “rushed.”

The country needs to unite. Impeachment would only further divide the American people… Really? You know what really divided the American people? WATCHING ARMED INSURRECTIONISTS STORM OUR CAPITOL. Don’t talk to me about unity until there’s accountability.

BUT CANCEL CULTURE. Wah wah wahwahwah. Cry me a river of big fat white tears from people who’ve lived such a life of privilege they can’t distinguish between oppression and the law of natural consequences.


I can’t stop thinking about how some of those Democratic representatives just keep showing up to do their job across the aisle from people they’re fairly certain were actively involved in last week’s attack. People who perpetuated the Big Lie of Stop The Steal. People who painted a target on their backs. One who literally tweeted about the Speaker’s location during the siege. The sheer fortitiude astounds me.


I also can’t stop thinking about those GOP Members of Congress crammed into a crowded safe room during the attack who refused to put on masks. REFUSED to put on a freaking mask. And now we’re up to four positive Covid results in the last week, one of whom is a 75-year-old cancer survivor. These people suck.


Photos are circulating of hundreds of National Guard troops catching sleep in the halls of the Capitol as thousands more protect Congress from their fellow Americans. It’s mind boggling to see a military show of force around the Capitol; it’s also impossible to imagine safely holding impeachment hearings without them standing guard. This is America. This is what it’s come to.