1.  Sure enough, I’m rolling on with my forty things today after dropping fifty on you yesterday. Woo buddy.

2.  It’s been an emotional week. Not just the inauguration – I knew that was gonna be big – but there’ve been other times this week when things just caught up to me.

3.  Turns out four years of anxiety and trauma isn’t released after a swearing in. Go figure.

4.  Can we talk for a minute about Amanda Gorman? I was stunned into silence while she recited her poem. Stunned.

5.  This section in particular speaks to me:

If we merge mercy with might,
and might with right,
then love becomes our legacy
and change our children's birthright

6.  So much brilliance in a 22-year-old mind. It makes me wonder how many shining lights we’ve missed by cutting arts programs.

7.  I was struck by Tuesday’s memorial for Covid victims. I’d forgotten what it feels like to see our leaders acknowledge tragedy on the national stage.

8.  You can’t begin to heal what you don’t acknowledge.

9.  Wednesday morning was…suspenseful. I watched Trump and Melania fly Marine One to the airfield then decided to watch his remarks.

10.  Why on earth would I do that, you ask. I’d heard he wasn’t using a teleprompter and wanted to see what he dropped off the cuff.

11.  I’ve avoided listening to Trump speak for over a year now but that morning I needed to listen for Go signals.

12.  Again, four years of anxiety and trauma tends to put a person in hyper alert status.

13.  So here, in sum, was my take: We worked hard so hard so much harder than anybody knows, we love you, my wife is so popular, SPACE FORCE, I told you so, I got the vaccines the tax cuts the jobs the judges ME ME ME ME ME, China Virus, we will be back in some form.

14.  Perhaps as amorphous publicity seeking orbs.

15.  Cue resurgence of aforementioned anxiety/trauma as I realize Trump still wields executive power until noon and can unleash God only knows what from the air.

16.  Watching people arrive for the Inauguration was balm for my soul. Can we all just take a moment to fangirl Michelle Obama?

17.  Seeing Kamala Harris sworn in as Vice President brought out the tissues. Same for President Biden.

18.  Cue massive exhale.

19.  Lady Gaga’s National Anthem was FIRE.

20.  Her dress was striking, too, but seriously. That voice.

21.  You know what I caught later that day? Jen Psaki’s first press conference at the White House.

22.  I don’t typically tune in for those but I was curious. Over the last four years attempts at press briefings ranged from frustrating to outright hostile attacks on the media. I figured it had to be an improvement.

23.  More like a whole new world.

24.  The new press secretary opened by pledging to bring truth back to the American government. She took questions – everyone’s questions, not just her boss’ favorite stations – and gave actual answers.

25.  Do you know the last time I teared up over a press conference? Never. That would be never. So Wednesday’s sniffles took me by surprise but considering I’d burst into tears off and on all day long I guess it shouldn’t have been unexpected.

26.  I kept getting caught off guard by the normalcy.

27.  Biden and his family walking down Pennsylvania Avenue looking all happy. A typical family. Not a plastic animatron in sight. (Tears.)

28.  Harris’s niece gazing up adoringly at her VP aunt. Sweet. Loving. (Tears.)

29.  The Bidens’ embrace before walking through the White House doors. Tender. Hopeful. (Tears.)

30.  The announcements all afternoon about Biden’s work in the Oval Office. He was sworn in, did the ceremonial stuff, then got to work fixing things. Like a responsible adult. With a job. (Tears.)

31.  I thought I was out of the woods…and then the “Celebrating America” Inaugural Special came on and woo boy, we were off to the races again.

32.  Demi Lovato’s “Lovely Day” had me tearing up. Ditto for John Legend’s “Feeling Good” and Jon Bon Jovi’s “Here Comes the Sun.”

33.  Each song lightened my heart a little more. I could feel the gloom lifting and a faint feeling of hope peeking around the corner.

34.  And oh my gosh, that “Seasons of Love” from “Rent.” Y’ALL.

35.  I was even moved to tears by that fireworks finale. Anyone here will tell you I’m not the girl for fireworks, they make me go eh. But this time? There was something energizing about the whole thing.

36.  But yesterday brought more stunners. This side by side tweet about Fauci at briefings summed it up for me.

37.  Truth. Science. Accountability. The freedom to speak up without fear of repercussions. It’s a brand new world.

38.  The Biden/Harris Inauguration was an incredible birthday present.

39.  Running a close second was the feeling I woke up with yesterday. That never-ending dread – the sense of oh crap, what did Trump pull overnight – was gone. Instead it was let’s check out what they accomplished yesterday and I wonder what Biden’s tackling today.

40.  Is Congress back to its shenanigans? Yes. Is McConnell back to his crap tricks? Also yes. But we’ve only just begun and we’re determined it’s gonna be a lovely day.