1.  Pie. We can all come together on pie, right? No need to argue blueberry versus chocolate chess versus sweet potato – let’s just agree on pie and keep it moving.

2.  That, at least for the moment, the sun will indeed rise tomorrow.

3.  That even though we all know it’s important to drink plenty of water and many of us make an effort to hydrate there are relatively few people who actually love the taste of water itself.

4.  That snow is pretty. Whether you enjoy playing in it or hunker down inside until it melts I’ve yet to meet an Ew, snow is so ugly person.

5.  Know that of which you speak. Sure, this is America so you can spout off about whatever you’d like. But when you step in it – as in the end we always do – be prepared to a) apologize and do better or b) accept the consequences of looking like a giant a-hole.

6.  BOGO sales are awesome as long as it’s something you actually use two of in a month. Otherwise you’re just dropping cash on a second item you’ll most likely lose or end up tossing.

7.  Masks work. Germs spread illness. Germs pass out of your mouth and nose into the air around you; germs from other people get into your system the same way. Masks slow the spread of germs and viruses. Let’s all get behind the science.

8.  If everyone got solid sleep every night the world would be a better place. Well rested drivers, clear headed decision makers, and an all around healthier disposition could be a game changer.

9.  We all have that special smell – the thing that makes us smile or reminds us of home or brings back memories of a perfect day.

10.  Holding every single person involved in the attack on the Capitol accountable. Nobody said we should get over 9/11. We took an attack on our homeland seriously and pursued justice for years. Why would we consider anything less than that for a violent insurrection at the seat of our democracy? I’d like to think we can agree punishing people for attempting to overthrow the government is for the greater good of America.