I think I mentioned before how singularly life changing Untamed by Glennon Doyle has been for me. The cheetah story…man. That thing’s in the introduction and I was like damn, looks like I’m in for a ride here. Then I stumbled across the above blurb yesterday and remembered how many ways this book pegs me to a tee.

“I love people but not in person. For example, I would die for you but not, like…meet you for coffee.”

Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Also…true.

This introvert concept really threw me for a while. I’ve spent a lifetime being [huge air quotes here] “Extroverted.” I pledged a sorority, went to Pampered Chef parties, and hit up a teacher happy hour or two. I joined committees, volunteered at schools, and made small talk at company parties. I even managed to sit by pools and chit chat with other moms. I Did All The Stuff so I figured that meant I was an extrovert. Turns out that’s a big fat nope.

Because all of those things – parties to pool time and everything in between – sucked every last bit of energy out of me. I thought being an extrovert meant you enjoyed being with other people which I did, mostly, but it turns out extroverts are people who actually charge up from being around people. I had no idea that was a thing! Seriously, I thought everyone sacked out like they’d just run a marathon after being social but turns out it’s just me.

Well, me and every other introvert out there.

Now that I’ve got it straight things make a lot more sense. Human beings are tricky for me. Just know I care deeply for you even if I don’t call you to grab lunch.