1.  The only thing I could say is that it doesn’t work on my phone.

2.  To be honest I’m not sure how much you want me to do with this.

3.  Is there any other way that you could use your car or do you need me to pick you up?

4.  Maybe we should get some rest and then I’ll write more.

5.  To the point, we are going on the same day.

6.  Is there a time for you guys to come over here and watch a movie?

7.  To the right of my head I think it’s ok if you don’t know how to make a good dinner.

8.  What is the best way to do this for you to see how much it would cost?

9.  My passport is still on the way back to my house and I’m not sure if it will help.

10.  She said she’s not a good person but I think she’s a wonderful person.