Just a few resources to round out your Black History Month library. Find some time this week to learn something new.

Articles to check out.

A discussion on white supremacy, the damage it causes in education, and thoughts on where change can begin.

The move to remote learning during the pandemic brought instructional changes but many disciplinary policies that target students of color didn’t change at all.

Podcasts to explore.

A podcast series from a platform designed to help educators in the classroom. Episodes teach lessons we really should have learned in school.

A series on how slavery molded every aspect of America.

This episode tells the story of an anti-lynching crusader who revealed the truth of these horrific murders to America in the early 1900s.

A podcast on racial discrimination in housing, past and present, along with a look back at the Fair Housing Act.

Books to sit with.

An essential read for understanding the link between slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and racism in America.

A well researched look at how and why prominent thinkers throughout time have either challenged or helped cement racist ideas in America.