No matter how hard I try apparently this post isn’t going anywhere until I get the words that won’t work out of my head: gangster, Etsy, listed, style, prankster, hipster, listed (whoops, said that one already), blasted, trusted.

Ooh, misty! That one fits. So does crusty and musty and dusty to boot. Looks like I broke the why can’t I think of a freaking WORD streak.

Guess it goes without saying I’ve got a bit of a dusty problem around here. I’m good at vacuuming, great at kitchen cleanup, and so-so at doing the bathrooms but dusting just falls off my radar. As we speak I’m thinking of the last…oh, I don’t know, two dozen times I’ve plugged in my phone to charge at night and thought geez, I really need to dust my nightstand. Is it dusted? Nope. So I guess we’ll play the same game tonight. Sheesh.

At least we’re just talking dusty, not crusty. A girl’s gotta have standards, right? Mine include a strict “if you can blow it off the table with a goof puff of breath then you’re still doing okay” policy.

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!