This was the view when I stepped out the back door of our old house. That night the tree line was beautiful, dark branch spokes against a gray-blue sky. Posted 3/13/16.

Here’s that view again. This time it was the clear midnight blue sky and bright round moon that caught my eye. Posted 3/27/16.

Seeing this cliff jumper take his leap in Kauai was breathtaking. You can almost feel the air rushing past his face and anticipate the cold plunge into the ocean. Posted 3/19/17.

Have you ever sat and looked out at a space so vast? Land that goes on as far as the eye can see…it’s enough to take your breath away. Photo taken in Wyoming at the Grand Tetons. Posted 3/25/18.

I took this photo with a zoom lens. It was a protected part of the beach and if I looked hard enough I could just make out the turtle creeping close to the water’s edge. Photo taken in Mexico. Posted 3/24/19.

The Rotunda, University of Virginia

We don’t get back to UVA very often. We took the kids to see a home game in December 2019 and I snapped this shot on our brisk walk to dinner on the Corner. Blue skies don’t always mean warm weather – my toes were pretty chilly by the time we arrived. Posted 3/22/20.