1.  So is there anyone who didn’t watch the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry last night? I’m not a royal junkie. I’ve got a healthy curiosity when they’re in the news but it’s not like I stalk the Queen’s peeps.

2.  Then again I’ve also watched The Crown so I guess maybe it looks like I’m obsessed but seriously, pinky swear, I’m not. Just saying. Anyway, I was 100% interested in hearing what Meghan and Harry had to say even if it meant suffering through commercial breaks so I tuned in. I’ve got some thoughts.

3.  Oprah Winfrey is the best interviewer I’ve seen in a long time and she handled a few moments of jaw dropping shock incredibly well.

4.  What do you mean there weren’t any princess lessons? Harry married an American career woman who had next to no knowledge about how things worked in the United Kingdom/royal family and they didn’t at least give her a primer? Good grief, the stress alone of trying not to fall on my face in front of everyone would have given me a heart attack.

5.  That side by side coverage of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle exposes every inch of racist colonialism and it’s unconscionable no one in the royal family spoke out in Meghan’s defense. Especially Kate.

6.  The spin machine can put out whatever story it wants but when genuine people step forward to speak their truth those lies burn to the ground. They didn’t blindside the queen. She didn’t make Kate cry. And the royal family’s promises to protect Meghan were as hollow as a rotted out log.

7.  It’s remarkably cool that Meghan and Harry married privately three days before the official ceremony. They deserve something special all their own.

8.  So let me get this straight. They were told that their first born child – Charles’ grandchild and the great grandchild OF THE QUEEN – would not be given a royal title or receive security? Despite the fact that everything in that family goes by tradition and tradition dictates the son of (then) Prince Harry would be titled prince and protected with a security detail? Sure, that’s not suspicious.

9.  Meghan following there were “conversations about how dark [Archie’s] skin might be when he’s born” with a polite refusal to name the person because it “would be very damaging to them” is the kind of class act the royals don’t deserve in their midst.

10.  Fans of the royal family can be super pissy about Harry and Meghan’s choices. How dare they step back from their duties and leave England. They’re just a couple of money grubbing royals setting up Spotify and Netflix deals. Hmm, well let’s see. Meghan marries into the royal family and charms people she meets on tour just like Diana did. Tabloids run racist commentary and despicable lies and nobody corrects them. People around her talk with Harry about how dark their child might be then declare he won’t be titled (like every other grandchild) or protected with security (again, like every other grandchild). Their relationship brings out the racists and they receive death threats. When Meghan hits her breaking point and reaches out for help with suicidal thoughts the powers that be say no go, it won’t be good for optics. Eventually the couple relocates to Canada intending to continue their work for the royals only to have the Firm announce they’re out and their security was being cancelled. Oh, and they cut off Harry financially. So the man did what he needed to do to provide security to keep his family safe. After all the bombshells dropped in last night’s interview Spotify and Netflix are the least of the royal family’s problems.