1.  Deep breathing. Lots of people recommend this and maybe it works for some folks, but for me? I’d say deep breathing has a 20% efficacy rating. 22% if it’s a sunny spring day.

2.  Stretching. Give me a break. See #1. If that’s how I feel about breathing, what do you think the odds are that I’ve even tried stretching to relieve stress? Exactly.

3.  Meditation. Okay, now we’re just being silly.

4.  Taking a twenty minute walk. Highly effective when the weather cooperates, none of the animals are tearing up the house, and there aren’t any kids in crisis.

5.  Honey BBQ potato chips. Because sometimes salty fits the bill.

6.  Taking a long hot shower. Yes, even in the summer, because there’s just something about warm water on the back of my neck that makes things better.

7.  Snuggling with a fur baby. 100% success rate with this one. 100%.

8.  Enjoying a glass of wine on the back deck. Full disclosure: I don’t do this nearly enough but I’m certain it would be excellent stress relief.

9.  Cheese fries with ranch dip. Because nothing says mmm, that’s perfect like cheese fries with ranch dip.

10.  Writing. This might not work for everyone but it does the trick for me every time.