And the 1:00am supply, too.

I know it’s not healthy. Maintaining a sleep pattern is important, and I try. But somehow I don’t think that sleep pattern ought to be “I just need to update a dozen more things and schedule some tweets then grab the pet breakfasts and put that last glass in the dishwasher so I can start it running before heading to bed. Whoops! Don’t forget to put out the morning medicine. Okay, NOW I can head to bed. Except I was supposed to email two people back but I guess that’s gonna have to wait until morning. I mean, it’s technically morning but I should probably wait until it’s the-sun-is-up morning. NOW GO TO BED.”

And that right there should be explanation enough for why sometimes I skip #37 on a Friday post or ramble incoherently about this thing or that. Or the other thing that I forgot I wanted to talk about.

It also means I have a growing list of things I’ve wanted to write about but haven’t been able to commit the time to work on properly. I started to put an example in here but have drawn a complete blank which should be alarming except MIDNIGHT OIL.

I’m off to bed. We’ll start fresh in the morning.